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Interesting Facts


Interesting Facts


The Bible was written by about 40 men who engaged in writing it during a period of about 1600 years dating from 1500 B.C. to about 100 years after Christ.


These men wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. 2 Peter 1:21.


They wrote not in words of human wisdom but in words taught by the Holy Ghost. 1 Corinthians 2:13.


The first translation of an English Bible was initiated by John Wycliffe and completed by John Purvey in 1388. The Bible was translated into chapters by Stephen Langton about 1228.


The Old Testament was divided into verses by R. Nathan in 1448 and the New Testament by Robert Stephanus in 1551. 

The Bible, divided into chapters and verses first appeared in the Geneva Bible of 1560.


Books in the Bible 66


The Old Testament 39


The New Testament 27


Middle Book of Old Testament Proverbs


Middle Book of New Testament 2 Thessalonians


Bible 1189


Old Testament 929


New Testament 260


Middle Chapter of Old Testament Job 29


Middle Chapter of New Testament Romans 13


Middle and shortest chapter of the Bible Psalm 117


Longest Chapter of the Bible Psalm 119


Old Testament 23,214


New Testament 7,959


Middle Verse in the Old Testament 2 Chronicles 20:17


Middle verse in the New Testament Acts 17:17


Shortest verse of the Old Testament 1 Chronicles 1:25


Shortest verse in the New Testament John 11:35


Longest verse in the Bible Esther 8:9


In the Old Testament c. 592,439

In the New Testament c. 181,253





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